Roughly ten percent of the general population report having out-of-body experiences. Most of these experiences occur alongside NDE (near-death experiences). Some of the science points to erratic behavior in the temporal lobe, while other observations suggest that consciousness may transcend the physical body entirely.

The story in Nowhere Mind attempts to open up a discussion about the nature of human consciousness: what it is, how it works, and whether or not it extends beyond the material universe. Using mental illness as a starting point, viewers will be challenged to define what is real and what is hallucinatory.


Nowhere Mind is being produced on a micro-budget. The filmmakers are a very small group of Chicago-based working professionals in advertising, marketing, and design who have dedicated any time and money they can to making the film come to life.

During the spring of 2016, a crowdfunding campaign was launched for the project. The Director, Ben Nissen and his team were able to raise over 11k for the project and principal photography wrapped in the winter of 2016. The film is now being prepared for theatrical release and submission to festivals for 2017/18.